Finally got a 3D printer...again

I’ve been wanting a 3D printer for a long time now. I don’t have the space available and online 3D printing services is a good substitute to having your own.
But this weekend there was 25% off on the FlashForge Finder 2…

I just had to!

It’s a entry level printer for small prints (14cm cube). Should do well for my kind of prints…


Nice! 3D printers are awesome.

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So @Troll…can you print me out a few Viggens…I’m running low…again. :grin:

Nice new toy. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :slightly_smiling_face:


Enjoy your new printer. Hope it give you years of faithful service. :sunglasses:


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I found parts at thingiverse…

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As my first test print I selected the gear handle that I had printed this summer.
2:05hrs printing time.
The supports looked fused to the print, but snapped clean off with a little help from an Olfa P cutter and a side cutter.

The print quality was set to standard. There are two quality grades above this, but printing time increases substantially since more layers are needed.

I’m quite happy with the print!
Shape and size is just as good as the print I received from Shapways. There are some flaws and sanding/filling/priming is needed for a perfect finish, but that’s as expected.


That is so SO cool. I’m very jealous. I’d never be able to use one but I’m still incredibly envious.

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It’s easier than you might think…
In the begining, 3D printing involved a lot more tinkering. These new printers are true plug&play.
Making the 3D models requires some more effort though.

But boy, is this fun, or what?!

I just designed this aileron trim knob in my CAD software, sliced it into g-code with the flashforge software, and sent it to the printer…
A couple of hours later, this comes out.

Picture taken after I removed the supports and gave it a rub down with some wet&dry sanding.
A couple of coats of spray filler, some sanding, and paint, this is going to look like a million bucks!

Ok, 5 bucks, maybe… :wink:


I’m really interested in getting one of these, for my own hobby, but also to get the kids exposed as this is the future ™.

If you don’t mind me asking, was this one very expensive? What would be the minimum price to get a solid unit that could produce quality stuff and not pure crap?


It cost me around $400.

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I am so disturbed by the gif that @komemiute posted that I no longer know what this thread is about. A shiny box that makes little white wheels maybe? :fearful:

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I thought that was supposed to be me, acting like a giddy little girl with my new toy…? :wink:

I bought an Ender5 about a month ago, I agree that designing things is now the hardest part. I was hesitant because I felt it may be a solution looking for a problem, but now feel I’m standing at the entrance of a very deep rabbit burrow.


Yeah… I know what you mean!

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That’s actually me knowing that you have that nice toy, thinking of way to coerce you into printing stuff for me! :laughing:
But I can see how that .gif could have been misinterpreted! :wink:

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You design it and I’ll print it!

Yeah, that’s way cheaper than I would expect. I thought it was still in the 2-3k range.

Need to do some research and get the kids to start printing HOTAS parts for me.

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Well, you certainly can buy them in that price range as well… Heated printbeds. Multiple extruders. Larger print volume, etc.

I guess… Depends on the RPM.
ABS plastic would probably be stronger. This printer is for PLA plastic.

I’d be happy to print one, if you’d like to test it.

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.STL Seems to be the standard, but I can use most common CAD formats. Do you have a file, or will you make one?

Here’s one from turbosquid.

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