Finished modding my T16000m

I have at long last put the finishing touches on my modded T16000m.

I began using it June 2017, so it was about time.

At the time I used these for my 5 way switches.

The grey one is a wheel from the Hasegawa 1/72 US Aerospace Ground Equipment Set.

The green one is a roller from a ROCO Minitanks set. Both drilled to fit.

Most annoying thing about them, is that I had to push on the sides to use Up/Down and Left/Right.

Add something! But What?

A looong time ago, I killed the minijoystick on a TM TWCS throttle, when trying to remove it from the PCB. I’m just saying “Don’t apply to much heat!”

I cut the top off the TWCS thumbstick and from another model replacement thumbstick, I have bought in anticipation of my controller projects

Having cut off the top I cleaned it with Acetone and it got all sticky.

“Hey great, Acetone is the Glue!”

I propped up the stick, so the button surface was as horizontal as possible, dabbed enough Acetone on the gluesurfaces to keep them moist, waited for a bit to let the Acetone work, while keeping to ad small amounts of Acetone to keep moist, then carefully placing the new top on the button and press hard for a while.
The most important thing is to be patient and not move stuff around until the Acetone has evaporated and the bond has set.

Now it is a breeze to flick the 5 ways around.

Happy simming.



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