Firefox Quantum

Goodness, the new Firefox browser seems much faster. Very snappy and worth a try.

Also, if you’re not keen on web adverts then it looks like AdNauseam works great still as well, as does plain ol uBlock.


any luck getting that terrible dark blue bar on the top turned into a different color? Contrast is brutal, especially with trying to see tabs with slack running.

The right-hand side hamburger menu has a ‘Customize…’ option takes you to a place where you can set the theme, including a nicer light one:

You can also bring back the curved tabs, although it’s a bit more complicated:

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i missed the theme part, thanks! I was too confused by the bat/bee/whatever picture.

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Just updated to this one, will keep an eye on it. I’ve been having some performance issues with Firefox as of late so it’d be nice to see those go away.

Finally, a step in the right direction. I hope Firefox will stick around, even if Chrome will most likely stay ahead performance wise.

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Tried it and like it.
Dramatically faster. Since I am a sucker for Open-source (like many software developers I guess) I am a fan of Firefox. So I am glad it improves.

…google will win the browser war though. Even when you dont take speed into account: the convenience is what makes Chrome the winner.