First Flight of the CH-53K

Such a large helicopter.

From wikipedia:

The CH-53K is a general redesign of the CH-53E. The main improvements are new engines and cockpit layout. The CH-53K will have over twice the lift capacity and radius of action of the CH-53E, and a wider cargo hold to allow it to carry a Humvee internally. The CH-53K will feature new stubby composite sponsons to cut overall width, giving the helicopter a narrower footprint for shipboard operations.[11] It will also be equipped with a new composite rotor blade system, with technology similar to that currently found on the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. The CH-53K will use the General Electric GE38-1B engine.

On a side note, looking at the first hover of the beast I am glad to see what I think I see from my cockpit every time I fly a helicopter in DCS … that little wavering left to right and back as the pilot manages the controls. I am always amazed at how stable pilots make the helicopters seem but seeing as this is the 53K’s first flight, I like seeing the pilot have to work for it like I do :smile: