First Look Video: Babylon 5 Returns!

Can the creators make lightning strike twice? Lets find out!


I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s a shame what WB did with Lost Tales.

B5’s Achilles heel was (I think) its budget. It always seemed cheap to me, like a big college play.

Something that’s not an issue in a cartoon.

It’ll be interesting to see them finally able to let loose with locations, set designs and etc.

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Well, its out, I just saw it, and maybe I’m not critical enough, but I loved it! Its like finally seeing the depth and scope of a Babylon 5 that the budget never allowed us to ever do anything but Imagine before, and it was great!

Also great revisiting that universe and spending time with old friends.


My copy came in the mail but I’ve got Enterprise S2 Disc 4 in the player right now and I’m waiting till I finish the last episode there to watch it so I don’t lose my place. :slight_smile:

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I watched it and it’s a worthy entry to the franchise. It takes place at the very end of S5 during Sheridan’s move to Minbar.
Most of the replacement voice actors were very good, I was only disappointed in G’Kar. Apparently Andreas Katsulas’ timbre is not easily replicated. I mean the words were of course correct (same writer after all) but it’s too obviously not him.
The woman who did Delenn and the man who did Zathras were A+, I could barely tell they weren’t the originals. Garibaldi and Sinclair were A-, Franklin was B, Zack and Vir weren’t in the story.