First Man movie...


Kind of excited to see this…no idea if they are sticking to any historical accuracy or not…but it does look like a good production anyway…


If they try to stay true to the book then it will be excellent.


Read an article about Mark Armstrong approving of what he saw…


I still remember that July evening, watching the TV in my parents bedroom, and seeing that ghostly shape step onto the moon. I was six the next month…but I remember it like it was yesterday.


OMG this looks amazing- and I truly came to respect mr. Gosling acting skill.
Hats off, I’ll be watching this.


Just saw the preview for this in another movie I saw today in the theater. It really looked incredible.


Read some flak from Buzz Aldrin about the omission of planting the US flag on the moon.



Yeah, there has been some comments about that.
I kind of understand the answer that the movie is about Neil, and his family. And that they want to show something that we don’t already know and have seen several times before. The flag is supposedly clearly visible in several scenes, so it’s not a political statement.


Hmmm…if I post my thoughts I break Mudspike “no politics” rules, my comment is deleted (rightfully so), but probably not before I lose more than a few new friends in the process…so I won’t comment…

…other to say, its a good thing I very rarely go to movies anyway (since the year 2000, Gladiator, Master and Commander, Star Trek and The Martian)…it makes some easier to boycott…because its not like I was going to see them anyway…just say’n :slightly_smiling_face:

…time to go check the FA-18 thread!:sunglasses:


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If it will be as good as Ryan’s previous movie DRIVE then I will like it.
DRIVE’s has perfect atmosphere with that acting, camera, soundtrack etc.
One of my favourite movies.


So I was thinking about taking the boys to see this movie today since they are out of school. Only problem - they are 8 and 10 years old, and I’m wondering about the PG-13 rating. According to what I’ve read, it is rated that mostly for language, and a “historically based death scene” which I’m assuming is the Grissom/White/Chaffe incident. The same site (a parental review type sight) implies the word for poop that begins with an S and the F-bomb are used a couple of times.

I know the boys would probably love the spectacle of the movie…they are enthralled with space and spaceflight. I’m on the fence over whether I should take them though…

Trailer #3:


My parents ignored all those ratings and I turned (mostly) well-adjusted :stuck_out_tongue:

Only you and your wife know your boys. Those guidelines tend to be a bit overzealous in my opinion, but as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a little liberal when it comes to that stuff.


For what it’s worth, to maintain a PG-13 rating, a movie can only slip in a single F-bomb, so there’s that. Not sure about some of the others, at least off the top of my head.


Know it’s somewhat of a pain but you or your wife could see the movie alone and then decide if it is appropriate for them. If you go instead of your wife and actually like the movie watching it a second time won’t be so bad.

Of course had my parents thought that far ahead I would not have seen Sally Kellerman nude in the movie MASH when I was 6 or 7 years old. It’s a scene that stuck with me for YEARS!! bananadance



About my ratio in bad traffic… :rofl: :speak_no_evil:


Haha…yeah…I still remember the time when my parents took me to see C.H.O.M.P.S. in 1979 at a drive in movie theater in Chicago. Only problem was, on the other screen out the back window was an R-rated movie that had a bunch of interesting scenes going on. Me and my brother can’t remember a single thing about C.H.O.M.P.S…


OMG…it may not be so much that I don’t remember any of it than I purged it…


Valerie would have peaked my interest in CHOMPS. I had the biggest crush on her back then, as did most guys my age it seemed.

My parents got burned because MASH was a PG rated movie. Watching it now there is no way it should have had that rating but several movies from that time frame were rated PG that wouldn’t have a prayer of getting that rating now.



See also: Spaceballs