First post, just got the Rift

Wow, just wow…
Was using poor mans Rift (Nexus 6P and Riftcat software) so naively thought I knew what to expect, but this has simply exceeded all my expectations.

Use in Elite Dangerous and DCS, the cockpits are so well done.

I used to fly commercially (Cessna 206G (…and B model if I unknowingly did something wrong)) and this certainly scratches all my itches.

Cheers, John
PS happy birthday Beach… I didn’t post this to…nevermind…


I think I should ban you.

See…I’m sipping my fourth margarita now…so whatever appears in my Amazon “purchased” bin tomorrow…I’m really not responsible for. (Hopefully it’s not inflatable…)

Grr…you people are making me angry with all this VR accolades.

Cessna 206 huh? I’ve been eyeing that in the recent Alabeo sale! Err…wait a minute…that was a 207…what the heck is the difference?

C207 has additional baggage compartment between firewall and cockpi,so just like a 206, just uglier.

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Right on. Big enough to hide a body right? I mean…luggage…

“Do you have anything to decare?” he asked…

I could not lie…

“Yeah…my First Officer is a total a-hole…”

Apparently there is neither a tax, nor prohibition on that. True story from Ft. Lauderdale customs…

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LOL, yeah, never worked multicrew. However, being on a two pilot base (worked in indigenous communities) could be a heaven or hell experience.

Sounds like JAARS or Alaska (not prying…but it sounds interesting!)…

MAF. Really enjoyed the Yolŋu (pronounced Yungul, soft G). Did medical charters, school charters, shopping charters (30 min flight could be same as a really unpleasant drive. Funeral charters were a big thing, just part’n’parcel of that culture.

Strong memories to last me a life time…Now?..kinda partial to boring. Exciting can be so overrated when you’re on the wrong side.

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Very nifty. I always thought being a JAARS type pilot in Papua New Guinea must be the most exciting and interesting job on the planet. Those Quest Kodiaks they operate are incredible. The things they do with em’…amazing. I suppose my real life med flight stuff is fairly straightforward…which is why my sim stuff tends to be bush type flights and more challenging stuff.

LOL…I’ll need to mention that to one of our young guns that is interested in finding some excitement at another job (Afghanistan)… He’s young and single though…can’t say I might not have done the same thing 20 years ago.

Yeah, I remember when I was bulletproof…


Welcome @jnstricko and way to lead with a strong palm strike to @BeachAV8R’s solar plexus :smiley:

My good flying friend’s dad used to be head of Georgia aviation at the DOT. They gave him a C206 to travel around the state in and it was a really sweet bird. Was also not a bad gig for a retired USAF Col.


Welcome to the virtual world @instricko. I want to just take a day to fly or at least look at the pits of every single aircraft in DCS. I still have not looked at the Mi-8 It has to be interesting. I was flying Fw-190 and I suddenly looked at the wing. There was the massive bulge for the cannon. I thought “Effing Big Guns” VR rocks. No pressure, AV8R… :sunglasses:
I saw a show on TV about guys flying in Papua New Guinea. They landed in aweful places and transported folks from some really remote areas. They were young boys, ten foot tall and bulletproof. I was a bit jealous. I’m 50 now and the only real thing I ever flew was a sailplane and a parachute.
Anyway, sweet read. Enjoy your new toy.

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I love this video…really shows the skill, experience, and judgement required to do that kind of flying…

These nerdy young guys make naval aviators look like sissies. That is the exactly what I was talking about. You nailed it Beach. These guys leave NO room for error. In one episode they fly over the wreck of one of their aircraft. Its a thankless and dangerous job. I would have loved it!

Quick disclaimer : racked up ~2000 hrs in MAF, but all in East Arnhem Land NT Australia, never flew in PNG.

Cheers, John