First Year of War: What We Learn from Ukraine

On 24 February 2022 Russia escalated the war in Ukraine. With a direct attack on Kyiv, Russian troops advanced and the Russian Air Force (VKS) flew numerous missions to strike Ukrainian radar and air defense. While the attack stalled and was beaten back, the war dragged on to now a full year. Now locked in a stalemate in the air, both sides maintain a strategy of air denial. After 364 days, we have learned and unlearned much about the air war over Ukraine and will continue to draw lessons from it. Join Chris in his retrospective on an air war that has shattered many assumptions.


IDK moderators opinion, but i think this kind of topic soon can be fall into an argumentation about politics and that is completelly against Mudspike forum rules. This topic is too much sensible (Ukr-Rus War) …

I’m not so sure in this case. The topic is discussion of the air war and not so much about the actual politics at play. We have another thread about the same subject and people have always stayed respectful to the topic and the sensitivity of it.
I agree with leaving it to the mods but i really dont see any harm in discussion of the military or logistical aspects of the war. Just leave the politics like we always do


Nonsense. Have you even watched the video?


When we have a live war that die 100s of people on both sides daily, imho i think is not Mudspike forum a place to talk about anything related to it, exist 1000s of foruns and open discussions comments on millions of news posts worldwide to share/comment and discuss the subject.
This kind of topic soon, the people start to share opinion, start to discuss who is better or worst and soon in miliseconds it falls into personal opinions about political.

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I’m going to respectfully disagree here @stavka. The video posted incited nothing of the discussion you mention.

Us talking about an in progress conflict and the systems used is no different from using simulators to do the same thing

As long we tow the line and follow the mudspike rules like we have always done in the other thread on the same subject i see no harm at all in discussion of the technical and visible effects of the war.


With so much video material out there, and most of it being propaganda, disrespectful or even borderline snuff, I am glad to have a source that is reliably pointing out „good“ videos. My 2 ct.


The moderators opinion is that you are correct.
It can become argumentative.
However, the Mudspike community has shown considerable restraint in the past, and we’ve had an ongoing discussion about this war, since it started, without it becoming a problem.

As long as the discussion remains respectful, I don’t see why it can’t be allowed to continue.

However, this discussion will be monitored closely and will be closed if it becomes a problem.

As it stands, this video and discussion is about military strategy. Let’s keep it that way.