Flight Of The Cartel

Anyone know anything about this? I just started Oculus/Meta home on my PC and it came up as an “event” starting this afternoon (or whenever “afternoon” is for them).

Says it’s a PCVR only experience.

Doesn’t say much about what it uses or if it’s an app or anything.


Ok I got it now - Flight 74 is a VR-only flight sim on the store for £14.99 and this is obviously a promotion for it.

Does anyone own it and if so, whaddya fink?

ummm… I bought it for kicks and I’ll post about it if it’s not known here - otherwise just ignore me - I’m always the last one to find out! :dizzy_face:


Never heard of it tbh.

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I’m going to see if I can play it in my Pico 4 using Revive - if I can it will be easy to do a short video of gameplay - probably already some on YT.

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I just flew the first couple of missions in this, with the Quest 2. I don’t want to put any spoilers up, so I won’t do a video.

It’s a bit like VTOL VR as far as aircraft control is concerned, only you are flying a twin engined GA plane. The yoke is “grabable” and you can operate the switches and levers in the cockpit. As I said, I don’t want to give spoilers - I had quite a chuckle which I probably wouldn’t have if I knew what was coming.

I’ll just say that you end up flying drugs for a cartel, under threat of death if you mess it up. For £15 it’s a good way to spend the odd half hour in VR. I’ll try and take some screenshots next time.


Neat! I’ll have to check it out sometime.

Here’s some screenshots from Air Linked Quest 2:

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