Flight sim dome

Not sure if this was posted previously (showed up in my YouTube sidebar)…but this is so incredible…


35 000 NZD = 23462.25 US Dollar

Yeah…too rich for my blood.

Man, can’t afford that without going into some serious debt.

Better buy two.

That and I most probably would be thrown out of the house if I bought one of those, much less went into debt for one.

Better buy three.

Maybe they are strong enough to contain a wife wife’s rage…


I’m convinced. This is a must buy. :smile:

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How does Facebook work with it?

@SiThSpAwN - It surrounds you with comments from your relatives and friends that will ■■■■ you off. Because a single screen of uninformed political commentary or updates on when your aunt took her last dump isn’t enough - you need to be immersed via the Facebook Dome of Likes/Dislikes.


Perfect, I know what the wife is getting for Christmas… here honey… its really cool for Facebook/Candy Crush… no dont like it? Ok I guess I will just keep it then, its non-returnable :smiley:

This guy has a plan. I like it.