Flight Sim Labs Concorde-X: A Quick Hop Across The Pond

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Saying that Concorde was a marvel of technology of her time would be a bit misleading: she’d still be a marvel if she were flying today. A luxurious supersonic supercruiser, this elegant bird could power from one side of the Atlantic to the other in a mere three and a half hours—half the time of a…

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Top notch writing Einstein! I appreciate the in-depth and humorous coverage. You are a glutton for tackling the roles of all three crew-members - nice job!

What a sexy beast - and decades before her time. I had the privilege of seeing Concorde land at Oshkosh in 1998 (I think it was)… Just awesome.

Nice job…


This was a really good post. It both inspired and TAUGHT me how to get into Concorde X.

Sure wish there was a great Tu-144 model out there for FSX (maybe there is?). Something sexy and mysterious about that plane (and it’s still flying, for NASA).

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@SenorDroolcup - Well, it is a bit dated, and you have to take a bit of a leap of fantasy, but I did rather enjoy the Tu-444 created by Ramzzees for X-Plane:




@SenorDroolcup, would love to hear about your experiences with Concorde. And yes, a similarly detailed Tu-144 model would be great - it’d be interesting to compare and contrast the two aircraft.

@BeachAV8R, that Tu-444 looks great - inspired but reasonable. Wish I had the talent to make my own creations in FSX/X-Plane.

@EinsteinEP - Don’t know if this is something that would appeal to you or not…might be too basic…but saw that it was on sale:



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Anything that helps casual" flight simmers reach closer to the real thing is something to be encouraged.

Judging from only the preview screens and dates, I think this doc came out before FSL Concorde X - possibly for some of the lower fidelity versions of Concorde out there. It’d be interesting to compare the experience with a free Concorde and this book against the FSL Concorde X and their arsenal of documentation…

Yeah! I agree, Concorde design was suspiciously similar to the Tu-144!!! Hahaha

There are a Tupolev Tu-144 for FSX made by Nikit Konstantinov. But like the real one, it’s very hard to fly.

You can check all the info in english here

For @EinsteinEP - maybe Santa can deliver one?