Flight sims and built in benchmarks

When reviewers check new hardware (cpu/gpus) usually they test always the same games…

Battlefield 5 Project Cars 2
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Forza Horizon 4
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Far Cry 5
Grand Theft Auto V
The Witcher 3

the closest to a simulator like ours that i see used is F1 20XX

Flight sims are some of the most demanding games out there and should be perfect to have hardware tested…
I wonder why flight sims producers don’t make some built in benchmark
-here i found a list of games that have it

could be a great advertising for the game…
and could be great for us to see which hardware perform best…

in the old il2 1946 at least we had the black death track that everybody used as a reference to check fps…

Ps i was pleased seeing flightsim used when reviewing VR headset…

** why flight sims producers don’t make some built in benchmark???**

There have been a lot of articles about MSFS 2020 performance, so I think it’s got a good shot to enter some testing suites. Live weather could make it tricky, though.

Ten years ago, it was “Can it run Crysis?”
Today, it’s “can it run MSFS?”


yeah that for sure is a start!