Flight Simulator 2020 - B-2 SPIRIT STEALTH BOMBER MOD - 4K Max Settings

Transferring FSX planes to MSFS2020

From Variable

Here’s some footage of me flying the B-2 Spirit in Flight Simulator 2020! So there’s been a lot of people breaking the simulator open lately and one of the breakthroughs is a tool that allows you to easily move aircraft from Flight Simulator X into a configuration and location that FS2020 can access.

Most planes don’t work at all currently but some work enough to fly from the external view. Here’s the forum post where there’s a discussion going on about this https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/… and the tool to try this out yourself https://github.com/klasbj/planeconverter

The aircraft that I used in this video is the A51 Simulations B-2 for FSX. There is no replay tool currently so all the flying was done while recording this video. I hope you can enjoy the footage!