Flight Simulator 2020 VS REAL LIFE | Side By Side Flight



It IS amazing to see those shadows moving across the cockpit in EXACTLY the same spots and pace…that is incredible…


It really is impressive…and this is not even a week after general release. In 12 months, after some further development, 3rd party addons etc, it is going to be quite amazing. Let’s hope the Microsoft Bean Counters stay happy enough to keep the sim alive in the long term (I’m still a bit concerned about that). In the meantime though, I’m enjoying the moment.


I’m going to do my best not to rush after every YouTube hyped add-on presented as a must-have, thereby turning my install into a bloated, buggy, poor running mess. I promise (holds hand over heart and places additional security on LastPass card entries) to carefully and thoughtfully consider each purchase, at least until @BeachAV8R declares each candidate as “not recommend”, but then is quickly countered by @PaulRix stating that he is really enjoying it.

Additionally, I promise to share with my wife and each of my children the decision, regardless if gift giving holidays or school tuition deadlines are near. Lastly, I promise not to purposely forget to add necessary items to my Costco shopping cart, like protective masks and toilet paper, so that I might have enough disposable income to purchase that Honeycomb yoke and throttle.

I promise.



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Looks like Gaya Simulations has LOWZ in the MSFS in game store…