Flight Simulator • Gameplay 4K Xbox Series X (Paris)

Smoooooooth? :small_airplane:

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Actually seeing some distant pop up in those videos… but I don’t expect it to run as good as my top end PC… but thanks for sharing, I have both so I’ll be comparing screenshot to screenshot when released next week.

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Seems the developers won’t be wasting any time!

So, is our choice really going to be $1,000 graphics card or a $200 console?

What a world.

200! the Xbox series is 500, don’t know about the S… It’s obviously going to be much better on PC, I play on Ultra… I will play test it on my Xbox Series X just to compare, but will probably delete it from Xbox after a while, PC is where it’s still at… just glad they are sharing it on console too.

I guess my price figure came from the last time I purchased a console. Its been a while.

Still, even $500 is a pretty good bargain over a possibly $1500 graphics card… on top of computer upgrades.

For apparently not that much of a graphics difference.

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Trust me, I play both… now I haven’t tested MSFS yet, that’s Tuesday, but even the Xbox Series X is overhyped… sure, it’s the best console on the market but a good 2K PC still knocks the poop out of it, lol… where the Series X shines is not really the “much better graphics” but other things like quick resume, load speed, speed of play, 40k at 60 FPS set, ease of use.

My 5 year old laptop still “looks” better then the series X.

To think that a console can run a sim like this, boggles my mind!
However, no VR…

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Very true. I’m out until VR is supported.

Has there been any word on VR for Xbox?
Even if it got VR support, I doubt that hardware would cope.
Just saying a console is no substitute for a PC, when it comes to VR…

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Is the XBox streaming it or using a higher percentage of Cloud resources to run it?

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Yes… the Xbox Series X is the top one at 500, the Xbox Series S is smaller, less powerful, not true 4K and I’m thinking 300 if I remember right.

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Updating the sim on xbox is a bear as the game never really closes. at least, I haven’t found the trick yet.

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How do you like it on XBOX? Do you use the controller or a stick?

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I use a controller and it forkin’ sucks1. Especially having to use the insanely imprecise triggers for rudder. I tried dialing “difficulty” all the way down but that made it way worse. What helped was putting some curves on them.

I love this for chilled couch gaming. Almost as good as Red dead Redemption’s horsin’ about. The atreamed scenery is hella impressive.

1: Compared to a virpil stick with a 30cm curved extension and MFG pedals it sucks. Actually its aight. It works, 's all I need tbh.

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