Flight Test airport...and announcing KMUD

Yeah - and speaking of Embraer - I saw that new Tucano at the .ORG - but I’m on the fence for two reasons. DCS will have a nice Tucano someday…and I’m not so sure of the quality of that BFDG group. I’ve read some negative opinions in the forums about their Blackhawk and C-130…so I might wait on some opinions on that one.

Saw that one too. But like you since it will probably be a DCS item I wont get it. Wouldnt it be nice if DCS and X plane had a partnership? lol

Is there a list of compatible planes? I didn’t see one in the product page.

To be honest - in browsing the forums over at the .ORG - it doesn’t seem the developer has been very responsive to requests for fixes, features, or answers to questions. There seem to be a lot of unanswered questions and the support doesn’t really seem to be there.

@Rhinosaurus - It looks like the developer hasn’t posted a single message in that forum for a year and a half (Nov 2014) - so unless you are prepared to accept the product for what it is (no correct V-speeds for aircraft that use custom datarefs) - I would steer clear of it perhaps.

And I found in one of those threads the problem with the DME - oddly enough, the HUD takes the DME info from NAV2 instead of NAV1 (which you would usually have the ILS/DME on). Not really a huge problem since you can usually tune the NAV2 to the ILS as well…but an odd thing to be sure…

I’ll be interested to see the CAT III type symbology and functionality. I’ll write up an extensive review on it at some point…

Ya I think I’m gonna pass. Thanks for the info though.

I also picked up a guilty pleasure from the sale. I would generally not recommend this unless you have a nostalgic place in your heart for this aircraft. While the FM is pretty good, the cockpit and systems for this airplane are pretty dated, and the 3D model is good enough…but not very cutting edge. That said, the L-1011 is one of my favorite “heavy” aircraft, so for $9 I really wanted to give it a whirl and I’m glad I did. If you don’t look too closely, she sure looks pretty going into big airports. Sometimes it isn’t all about the eye-candy…




Hey @fearlessfrog - how do I get X-Life to populate the Phoenix airport? Do I need to find and place a file somewhere? (I haven’t spent 30 seconds poking around that program yet despite knowing it can add immensely to the “life” of my sim…!)

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I’ve not got the paid Sky Harbor airport, so not flown out of there. I noticed that X-Life supports it though, for this scenery:

Normally what it does is you just hit the ‘on’ button and it starts up if that airport you locate to is in their list. It downloads the airports automatically in the background. If your scenery doesn’t match up then it might put aircraft over the top of statics, but it doesn’t really matter.

In the flight-plan dialog, when you put the destination, it’ll switch to that one in terms of arrival procedures when you declare a ‘ready for descent’ to whatever current controller you are talking to.

On the map of available compatible airports, the yellow stars denote free scenery and the orange paid:

Other people have added their own unofficial versions too, and they can be found here:

For those it’s just a matter of dropping a couple of files into the \X-Plane 10\Resources\plugins\X-Life\Airports directory downloaded straight from the forum.

Hit the top on button here on the right:

Man, I really need to AAR it. Will do one tomorrow. Still have great fun with this plug-in and XP10.


After (no labels)

Tower view:

Radar view:

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Actually, looking at your nice pics of the Tristar, it looks like you have Sky Harbor.

We could add X-Life to KMUD, as it’s not too hard, basically just drawing a taxiway in WED.

I love the L1011! Flew on one to deployed location after 911.

How detailed are the procedures? Or is it just click start and go?

I’m definitely down to make the 29Palms/KMUD airport…LOL…gonna have to put in a pool and tiki bar too… :smiley:

It is not like a Level D or even a JAR type add-on. Definitely lightly modeled…gauges and stuff I think are mostly stock X-Plane just made to look kinda like a VC. External model looks good from afar…but gets pretty muddy up close. Like I said, for $9 it was more about the nostalgia than the realism. I’ll post up some additional shots when I get some time…

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Give me the coordinates where you want it and I might be able to do something. I always wanted to build an airport for x plane from scratch.

Just be careful about distributing to members. I think you’d need to keep this to yourself especially since the original is payware.

As long as he builds adjacent to the payware and not in the payware itself he should be good. So hypothetically he builds 1 mile away from Twentynine Palms. Then its all his.

So in theory he could build something that doesnt even use the payware and distribute it.

Fair enough

Yeah, that was my intent…to just build adjacent scenery that ties into 29 Palms…but is it’s own separate identifier…

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