Flight World War II | Full Sci-Fi Adventure Movie

Some light, free, frothy sci-fi fun to enjoy, or even sneer at. Have at it!!

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ROFLMAO. Why not, this looks cool.

OK, ive watched the first ten mins or so an i am resoundingly IN!
they spelled satellite incorrectly on the laptop screens and the silly screens in the cockpit with {NO SIGNAL} on them are cracking me up.
i am 100% watching this. it looks awesome.

oooh and the newspaper at the begining saying the Megalodon is back, this nonsense is right up my street! :slight_smile:

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Oooomh… Ok.
Maybe not “cool” but definitely odd! :rofl:

I’ll take odd, occasionally. One wonders if they had a consultant that knew anything at all about airplanes.


Grabs popcorn and digs in… Turns off brain.

Alrighty, then!