Flightbeam Studios KPDX - Portland, Oregon

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We take a look at the P3D and X-Plane versions of Portland, Oregon (KPDX) by Flightbeam Studios with some side by side comparisons between the two. KPDX – Portland, Oregon As a real world pilot who operates primarily east of the Mississippi, I often spend much of my flight simulation time in those areas of…


Interesting timing on this one. I’ve been sitting on these images for a couple weeks trying to gin up the time (well, actually just gin up the concentration) to write the article. All Flightbeam products are on sale right now (33% off)…so you could grab PDX for $19.50 instead of $29.99 - a good slice of savings.

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Just flew through your article Beach (will read properly later), but what always grabs my attention with these airport addons is coverage area they offer.
The bigger area offered, the bigger my interest. And the XP offering here is lacking in this regard I would say. Maybe its not big concern for some heavy metal, but if I want to do something else apart from doing ILS approaches in bad weather then it shows its limitations.

Anyway, very good article. Seems like these airport addons are really popular judging by the frequency of releases from all the developers.

Great article once again @BeachAV8R. PDX is one of my favorite airports and definitely in my top 5 favorite layovers. The arrival from the east gets you so close to Mt. Hood that you can almost reach out and touch it. What a beautiful mountain! For the price though, I would want more of the river and more of the city. But I get that the price point for airports generally does not buy much beyond the fence.

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Thanks @smokinhole - I’ve heard good things about it. One of the parents on my kid’s soccer team was from that area and raved about how nice the terminal experience is.

I’ve not had the chance to fly in there as a pilot yet. I’ve hit quite a few airports in California, and been to the Seattle area a couple of times, but PDX eludes me on my schedule. I missed a trip out there last month…it fell to another crew’s shift…I was bummed about that.

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I don’t own P3D/XP, but nice article. In a former life, I flew for Horizon Air and did a lot of flying out of PDX.
This screenshot triggers me. ALPS?! lol I don’t blame you Beach. But that was my (QX) old hood!

Here is a pic from that ramp looking NW at the arrivals landing on the 10s

The HHOOD 4 RNAV arrival. :slight_smile: Always a great sight during the descent.

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Flightbeam KPDX is on sale for $19.50:

P3D v4/v5 Version: HERE

X-Plane 11 Version: HERE

I hope they port their P3D KSFO over to X-Plane…

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