Flightradar 24 question

Interesting flight is taking place right now

Looks like this River Joint is on a recon flight along Belarus and Russia borders.

Shoudn’t this flight be kept more secret though?

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Isn‘t the whole idea of this conflict that everybody knows?

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Yeah…I think everyone wants everyone to know that everyone knows what everyone is doing. It will make it harder to justify the losses. “Well, we walked right into that…we knew they knew…” I hope it is all just sabre rattling…but who knows. It is a very dangerous game.


Yeah, I guess they want to show their precence.

The question is which flights we do not see?

Sometimes you want covert, most times you want clandestine, almost always you want to paint a big FU on the door on your way out… No prizes for guessing what category this fits. Ballsy move though!

Sorry guys, I promise I will stop responding to old ‘suggested topics’ but with this one I couldn’t resist.


According to this reportage on Youtube they still fly today.

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