Floatplane but no water? No problem

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redneck land based carrier?

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Landing should be interesting…

I’d like to see an inflatable paddling pool on a trailer behind a truck, and see the floatplane land in that.


One of the Aerosoft missions that comes with one of their FSX Aircraft add-ons or mission pack for it does this, the Beaver I think? Pretty sure I managed it after a few attempts but there was some oddity or bug about it or the whole mission? … I’ll need to reinstall and try again, my brain is getting foggy in its old age :smile:

Aerosoft used to do some good missions with each Aircraft or Scenery release, but I think they got lazy or decided to cut corners because you do not see that any more, they did release Flight Tales 2 mission pack fairly recently though that I’m working my way through (bit buggy IMHO) and I enjoyed Flight Tales 1.

I like the FSX mission engine and this scenario reminds me of the Loopy Larry mission where you had to land on a bus, completed it after a few tries, just remember not to brake when you land on the bus or you’ll slide off the back and mission fail, just keep the same speed with wheels on the bus and you will get the reward and yes I know that’s not accurate physics :slight_smile:

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Completely agree. Quality mission packs are something I think are under-represented in the FSX world. The stock missions that come with FSX really give that product a huge value - a lot of those missions were really done well (like Loopy Larry and Amazon Trek). I really think if Microsoft Flight has used more imagination in the missions realm their product would have been way more successful.

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That was a cool takeoff.