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Judging by comments made by aviation professionals on MUDSPIKE and by my flying friends, it seems that ForeFlight is the de facto standard flying app (EFB), at least in the civilian world. ForeFlight’s list of features is frankly staggering and I wouldn’t think of trying to persuade anyone from using something else.

There are a few other options of course. I had lunch with a flying friend yesterday, who owns 4 airplanes, and is a former EAA chapter president. He says that he uses Garmin Pilot because his Mooney has Garmin glass and that their app more closely matches his panel. I’ve also read that Pilot will display the moving map as topo, which sounds very useful.

Lately, I’ve been trying out the FltPlan Go, a free multi-platform app which acts as a framework around the free fltplan.com site. The Go app also adds additional features, some of which are web interfaces, others built into the app. I haven’t found the HSI or synthetic vision of FF or GP, but otherwise I would venture that it has most everything else, including display flight instruments. FPG will connect to a number of devices including Blue Tooth GPS and ADS-B receivers, and data from X-Plane, FSX/P3D.

Update: Connectivity options from the app site.


  • NEW! FltPlan Go is now part of the Garmin® Connext™ System, Learn More
    Advanced Flight Systems, Aspen Avionics, Avidyne, DAC International, Dynon Avionics, L-3 Lynx NGT-9000


  • NEW! Garmin, Learn More
    L-3 Lynx, Dual XGPS 170/190, Dynon Sky2, Echo UTC, FlightBox, Flight Data Systems Pathfinder, Freeflight, iLevil SW, pingBuddy, Skyguard TWS, Stratux


  • XM Satellite Weather™


  • NEW! Garmin Pilot, Learn More
    Satcom Direct, Jeppesen Mobile FD 2.7


  • X-Plane Simulator, FSX & Prepar3D GPS


  • Send your routes to FltPlan Go from AOPA Flight Planner

A lot of bang for zero bucks IMO. Anyone else using it?

Some screens, which don’t quite do the app justice.


I am also in search for good air nav app. I have to try it some day in near future.
Unfortunately still didnt complete my search for suitable tablet :slight_smile: Samsung ? iPad ? …

I use an iPad 9.7, but @BeachAV8R prefers the kneeboard size of the iPad Mini.

And then there were two…

This item isn’t available in your country!

I like this bs !

Just an FYI that FltPlan Go is still free and works well with FS2020. Currently using it with my iPad Air 10.2. Sitting at KPDK in the A36…

Connection instructions with a link to their download here.


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