Flu! 🤒

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Well what a great Christmas and New year I’ve had so far. Had a cold over Christmas which was annoying but not disabling in any way and then the 27th/28th I was ok. Then on Saturday morning I woke up feeling the worst I’ve ever felt. Aching all over, pounding headache, hot and cold fever… I thought in the past I’d maybe had flu before but nope, this thing wiped me out! I don’t think I’ll need to sleep again for 10 years I’ve had so much and I’m not starting to come back around. Should have been at work on Wednesday, Thursday and today but no way was that happening. Just started to eat properly yesterday but feel so weak.

I will never again say I have flu when it’s just a cold…


I had it last March.
I was basically out of commission the whole month.
Flu is not a joke. Hang in there, and get well soon!


Man flu is a real thing! It’s no laughing matter! I’d never get any peace if it wasn’t for that excuse haha!


But don’t most flight sim enthusiasts suffer from the flu often?

Ok I’ll get my coat.


Flu is hell. I had it early december. Couple of days were the worst but it took about two weeks total. And that was just as my eldest was getting over it, having been ill for two weeks himself. Shortly after I got over that $#@$ flu, I caught a cold.
Being no young sprightly boy no more, a common cold can hit me like a freight train. I often get inflamed sinuses when I get a bad cold and that hurts like a motherlover. Yeah that was fun times driving 3 hours north on new years eve and 3 hours back the next day. With wailing children. And a tired wife.
Being ill sucks, but at least we got better. :blessed: You did as well I hope?


I had the Berlin flu over the Christmas holiday. Nasty stuff. My niece flew back right before Christmas - I was kind of surprised she was allowed back in the US!

Over it now, but Colorado is very dry and sinuses are suffering.


You must have kids! That was a dad joke :heart::heart::+1:

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