Fly with a British Airways pilot

A nice article, with interesting formatting…


Nice find!

I think that is a BA pilot’s book extract turned into an article, and the design side of it is really nice.

@BeachAV8R maybe get a book deal? :smile:

Oh…the stories I could tell…


Certainly more entertaining as me as a regular passenger stories…

Hour 4 - I decided to try the peanuts

Hour 8 - We’ve stopped in Atlanta, I don’t know why

Hour 14 - My map shows completely blue. I can’t feel my legs.



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See…ya’ gotta get creative. You have your traveling companion do the distraction while you raid the mobile mini-bar…

Or, see how many times you can sneak up to the First Class lav before they make the announcement how their poop doesn’t stink and Economy passengers are requested to please use the Unwashed Masses Lav at the mid and rear of the plane… LOL…