Fly with me from Casco Cove CGS airport

Lets try to start with our airport series.

For our first event in the series (hopefully :slight_smile: ) I decided for Casco Cove airport. This airport was featured as the destination for our last Annual Xmas Flight. There were only three finishers last year iirc, namely @PaulRix, @Aginor and @Freak… and I guess they are still there in the bar :wink:
Others can just teleport them selves there and try to enjoy the scenery (at least I will do just that as I ended somewhere at Papua :slight_smile: ).

There are no rules except - post many pictures from your flights around the airport! Fly whatever profile you like - circuits, approaches, sightseeing, cross-country to nearby destinations (other airports) etc.

If you like to do research feel free to do so and post whatever info you dig out - history, charts, freeware scenery, payware scenery etc.
Or just create your own custom scenery for that place and share. If you have pre-build ortho tiles of the surrounding area and you can share that on some web services go ahead.

Basic info ( I will use here what @BeachAV8R already provided in Xmas Flight '19 thread )

Regarding the linked X-Plane freeware scenery @BeachAV8R posted. As mentioned it is little displaced and also it uses quite a number of custom object libraries.
As I did some quick training in xplane scenery customization I will be happy to ‘downgrade’ a little that scenery package to use just default library and lets say OpenSceneryX and MisterX libraries. This way you dont have to download that much. But one thing I missed in my training. How to correct the wrong placement of the whole scenery package!? I would appreciate some quick hint :slight_smile:

And for FSX users? Iirc @Hangar200 you mentioned some custom scenery attempt. Could I ask how far it is in development? thx for info


Alas, my unfortunate accident preempted my work on that scenery.

I understand. So if you happen to decide not to fly all the way to Casco Cove, you can then utilize the time to build it now :slight_smile:

I’m getting my sim room back into shape, to include re-setting up my “work” PC. We had to clear an area for the contractor to work on the ceiling as well as vacuum all the fiberglass insulation that got dumped into the room…that stuff got everywhere. :unamused: Needless to say, everything got completely unplugged and moved.

Once I get it set back up (this week) I have to take a look and see how far along I was. I think I had the airfield-runways, taxiways, roads, misc buildings and other stuff - built in ADE along with some of the terrain textures - can’t remember at what stage I left that. I know that I was finished with the textures for the main USCG buildings and I had the parts of that complex all measured out - which means I just need to create the buildings in gMax.


FSX, default scenery, NemethDesigns AS355.
Did short hop around the airport. Was surprised with presence of 3D buildings. They are random but they are there at least. Seeing the loran radio antenna there is cool.


Got the work PC running and the work in ADE was properly saved.

So more work this week.


One note for X-Plane users. There is also ‘default’ 3D PATU scenery ready for implementation in XP (in one of the next patches I guess).
You can find it here and download in advance, it uses just the default XP libraries so no need to download anything else:

But dont have any great expectations, it is few 3D buildings placed there (no antenna etc.).


Really deserted place! I didn’t meet anyone in a week…

…being that alone I did some work around the airport. I stick with the beginners credo : “just 2 or 3 location specific objects, rest use default” :

Plus it is Coast Guard Station, right !? So added this little thing there :slight_smile:

It was more WEDing ( World EDitor ) than flying actually :smile:

Looking forward to your ADEing @Hangar200 :+1:


So alone! :slight_smile: Weather was exceptionally good so I paid visit to neighbour airport Eareckson AS Airport PASY on Semichi Islands

This is the end of a month and I guess its time to move to another airport…


Your parking neighbour is gorgeous…

Thought I was done with Casco Cove. But made my ortho4XP work again, here my last flight. It looks like different planet