Fly with the RAF 1975

Some additional good footage, especially interiors of the old Nimrod. Also, was interesting watching the very old simulation cockpit set-up they used to train pilots.

A film illustrating the variuos Commands of the RAF- four Phantoms fly escort,Nimrod XV235 goes on a maritime patrol, VC-10s fly troops out of Brize Norton and Herculies and Whirlwinds place them on the battlefield


Enjoyed that, thankyou. Cheers.

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Yes. The scenes with the Phantoms taking off with long butane torches behind, so reminded me of standing on the ramp at 15 years old watching dad depart leading a flight of 4 x F-4Es, to be followed be 3 x more flights. Even though the ground shook, I hardly grasped the enormity of the moment. It’s what he had always done.


I miss the VC10 more than any other plane the RAF flew in my youth, I’ve always been a massive V bomber fan obviously but the VC10 was the exact sound I remember from my youth.

We live on the downwind leg of Brize Norton for runway 26/08. This meant that sleep, phonecalls, conversation, school work, school. TV and pretty much EVERYTHING ELSE in my childhood was dominated by the sound of screaming Conway engines. At the time I HATED the VC10 and the Tristar. But when they retired them for the Globemaster and later planes like the A400m it was a sad realisation I’d probably never hear that sound shaking my house ever again. You really don’t know how much you will miss something till it dies.

Years later I went to the Cold war Jets open day at Bruntingthorpe aerodrome and watched the Fast taxi tests of the lightnings, Buccaneers, comet and the reason for my visit XM715, the glorious Victor K2.

But the one that will stay with me forever was the VC10. I didn’t know they ran it up at all, let alone fire it down the runway.
The Conways in the Victor are muted compared to the VC10. Still awesome obviously but not the same. But I confess to being extremely moved when I saw that beautiful VC10 make the ground shake one more time. I even took my ear protectors off (this was dumb but I stand by it lol)

Maybe it was fate but by coincidence, that ended up being the last ever cold war jets event. They shut it down afterwards. Probably my last time ever hearing a Victor, lightning Buccaneer et al… and a beautiful last dance for my childhood friend the VC10.

Noisy bugger :sleepy:


Why do I get so melancholy about aeroplanes but really don’t give a toss about much else in my life? I mean I never talk about tanks like that and I bloody love tanks as well.



The tanks didn’t drive over your house while you were sleeping, watching tv, doing homework or having a phone call, I presume?


VC 10 tail is one of the most beautiful pieces of metal I ever seen.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Straight out of Thunderbirds!


And this is 2nd


From that angle, yeah.


From any angle