Flying Aces: Navy Pilot Simulator (VR)

Not so great looking…

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure that “simulator” is just a cash grab.

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Now, now…

Flying Aces is a story based virtual reality experience unlike any other. You will experience what it’s like to train to become a navy pilot.

So I’m thinking you get a few “missions” at OCS in Newport RI…maybe in the winter…missions like marching in formation, and marching in formation, and uniform inspection and marching in formation, etc.

Then they bring you down to P-cola…in the summertime and you get to do the helo dunker and jump off the parachute training tower and, if it is really realistic, stashed in an admin department somewhere for six months while waiting to “class up”.

Oh the excitement! Oh the exhilaration! And in VR??? Can it get any better! :grin:


When people want realistic flightsimulators, they usually have no idea what they are really asking for…!


I imagine having to do the whole preflight for the F-14 every time… shudder.

I like plausible and believable simulations. Realism… yeah, up to a certain point. But certainly not all of it. :smile:


Exactly. We want to choose what kind of realism we want… And this is what’s so interesting when discussing realism. Do you want your virtual aircraft to behave exactly like ot does in real life, or do you want to be able to handle it like you’ve got many years of govt. funded training, without actually putting in the effort…? Both can be accepted as realistic…enough.


A very interesting aspect of the discussion.

A few years ago I talked to people about object labels in flight sims and one of them said:

“Well, in real life there is no problem with resolution, and military pilots are young and have good eyes. That’s not true for me though. It is more realistic to make stuff more visible because we want to recreate how a pilot would see and do things, not how an untrained, unsuitable for the job person like me would.
Same goes for cockpit mouseover labels explaining what buttons do. A real pilot would know them because he had months of training. The computer only simulates that I can do that, too.”

Up to that point I hadn’t seen it that way. Now I can see how that is a valid point of view.


You forgot the part about the joys of sampling the…vibrant local culture in that area.


The F-14, yes - sympathetic shudder.

But then there is how A2A does the preflight for their GA aircraft - click on the walk around spots and see pics of what you are supposed to be looking - fuel quality, amount of oil, wiggle flaps etc. IMHO the right mix of reality and expediency.

Unfortunately I do regular maintenance so it all pretty much looks the same every time. I really should just fly one a bunch of hours with no maintenance and see what happens. :open_mouth:


One gaming memory I’m really fond of was the F-18 mission in BF3.

Although there’s plenty of inaccuracies - alert one doesn’t exist, orange shirts(?) saluting you as you walk through a hatch, walking up on the flight deck to a turning jet not wearing your helmet, the Miami Center ATC audio… I could go on - I always thought they did a pretty good job with this mission. The sounds in the portion on the interior of the ship took me right back to being on the boat.

It’s certainly better than this trash.


Battlefiled 3 was a great game. Realism be damned, it was an awesome experience. I’d put it up there with COD4 and the sniper/c130/nuke scene etc…

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Yellow Shirts (plane directors) or Red Shirts (Ordnance)

…it’s not easy being green.

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DCS in VR > Any of the quickie money grab “Simulators” being put on Oculus Marketplace.


DCS in VR > Almost anything on that stupid abortion of a marketplace. I paid 500 euros for the hardware, but they weren’t going g to just write a driver for it, no it has to pop up a motherlovin marketplace everytime I even look at the headset.

I hope my next HMD has normal drivers, like a normal bit of hardware.

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I mean, wouldn’t you be terrified if you saw a tarantula on your canopy?