Flying an Arc

Yeah, I could Google this but I’m feeling lazy…

So, there I was, in my Hornet, doing my usual (blast off, tank, 2 CASE-1’s, 2 CASE-2’s, lather, rinse repeat) and I thought I’d intercept an [arbitrary] arc for a TACAN approach for fun.

I’ve seen these done a zillion times in years past (million years ago) on my RADAR, but never really learned how you’re supposed to fly them. I asked a co-worker once (he was a CFI on a B-1900 or something like that) but long ago forgot what he said…

Just a quick ‘hack’, from those of u that have done it for realz. I just kinda WAG it: point the wing at the TACAN and watch my DME, adjusting as necessary to stay within +/- 1nm, til I see the needle ‘twitching’.


Page 66 onwards.

This is the Air Force instrument flying manual.

Essentially what you said, but getting to and maintaining a specific arc, and calculating when to start your turn on and off the arc can get a bit complex. Should all be laid out in there.

FAA Instrument manual, go to page 7-14 onwards, should explain just bout everything you need.


Ah…arcs to lead radials to localizers…the good old days… I remember doing them without RMIs…which was even more fun. *

* Of course, I was doing these at 100 knots and not 300…haha…

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Got it, thanks. Fig. 5.10.

Yeah, I kept over-shooting. Down the bunny-hole I go…
From: To roll out on a desired heading, calculate a lead point that is approximately one-third the angle of bank used in the turn (e.g., if making a 30 degrees bank turn, begin roll
out at 10 degrees of heading prior to the desired final heading)

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Yeah… Haven’t flown an ARC in years, but I remember it was rather entertaining. When I learned about it in flight school I was amazed! Such a simple way to get to the lead in!
Now every approach have got T points. Meh.

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Just enter approach into FMS and follow the magenta line. :wink:


When I read the thread title I thought it was going to be about a big boat, pairs of animals, and a lot of rain…evidently not. :confused:


Lol, great response @Hangar200 .
Pretty certain that type of Ark is spelled with a K though.


I know that you know that little detail. :wink:


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