Flying Circus - Weird VR issue

I’m posting this in Flight Sims rather than Hardware because it is specific to FC.

When starting a mission in VR (Reverb G2) my head position is low and to the right. It is most noticible in the SE5.

This is what I mean. Starting POV

What then happens is if I move my head in one direction the ‘camera’ drifts in the opposite direction. e.g. if I look over my left shoulder the view gradually pans right, if I keep looking to my left, it gets to the point where the view is straight ahead (if I then look to the front, my view is now over my right shoulder). Also, there is no 6DOF movement - no forward/back, tilt or translate/strafe left or right.

I did find a cure, sort of. I have bound a button to re-centre my view and if ‘couch’ down in the chair and to the right a bit & then re-centre, when I sit back up again my view is centered and about what looks like the correct height.

POV how I like it:

Full 6DOF is also now working, I can also now move my head to look through the gunsight (offset to the left), tilt my head to the side outside the cockpit and look down the side of the fuselage, etc. Once I have done that it is OK for the remainder of the mission, but restarting means I have to go through the whole procedure again.

OK, so I have a workaround, but it does take a few goes of moving and re-centering my view to get it where I want it and it is a PITA. So my questions are:

It seems like a headset tracking issue, but tracking is fine in all other sims and it is most noticible with the SE5, the Albatross also starts with the POV low and to the right, but the drifting isn’t as pronounced. Does anyone know what is going on?

More importantly, is there a way to alter the start position for my POV, so I don’t have to go through this procedure every time?

Edit/Update: Just tried the DVII and the starting POV is fine. The starting POV for the SE5 is the same in 2D so I mapped one of the joystick hats to move the view up/down/L/R. Works in 2D but not in VR (i.e. the hat does nothing in VR)???

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OK, this is really doing my head in!

Every other aircraft starts with the POV aligned with the gunsight or centered (2D & VR). 2D screenshots below.






Albatross (I was wrong in my initial post - this is fine)





And just to prove a point, the namesake for the sim. IL2

So why just the SE.5. The aircraft I most want to fly in FC? Maybe I offended a Gypsy and need to track them down and apologise?


Maybe throw in a sacrifice, for good measure…?
I need to check if I have any issues with the Se-5.


I thought there was the ability in all IL2 games to save a custom head position per aircraft?

You find the position you like and hit F10 to save it. Maybe you did that accidentally in the SE.5?

To fix, get your head where you want it and press F10 again.


Yeah, could be that simple.
Although I think @Harry_Bumcrack’s theory of a curse sounds plausible… :wink:


If only that worked in real life :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously though, I think that was it. Worked in 2D and although I am yet to double check in VR (that is a tomorrow job) I am confident ‘problem solved’ :+1:

I’m still going to make a generous donation to the next Gypsy I meet… just to be sure.

Thanks guys.


I just checked my Se.5a and the view was fine. I also tested @keets suggestion and that could very well be the culprit.


I just did a full reinstall and had to go through all of this again.

Yes, IL2 aligns your head with the gunsight, even in VR.

You can assign keys to move the head position left and right (in the pilot head movement key mapping menu) and save with F10 (I actually rebound it to CTRL-F10 to prevent messups when I’m madly mashing the keyboard while wearing the VR headset :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

I do this in 2D, as it’s easier to line things up on the 2D monitor. IIRC, most of the Entente planes except for the Camel and Triplane need it (Se.5 is not too bad, but is off to the right), along with most of the WWII German planes. On the WWI Central Powers aircraft I think it’s only the DFW. I also recenter the P-47D (the early one) and Mosquito, but they’re not as bad as some of the others. But basically I ran through them all in 2D to make sure I was happy with the position before going to VR.


I did this as well, then completely forgot the binding. Usually meaning I sit in the cockpit trying to hold some weird mini me pose to get my head right, whilst frantically hitting random keys and combinations of F10.

All this gets frustrating, I’m usually sweating like I’ve been playing beat sabre.

Mrs K will then walk in and ask if I’m “ok, and What on Earth are you doing?”

We don’t half make things difficult at times. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


for general head movement i have a button set for centring my view on my quest … if i need to adjust my head position (looking at the mosqito here) i just move to where its needed and center the headset… can take a couple of goes but is pretty quick


That’s a valid way to do it, but I’m lazy so I only want to do it once per sessions for all the aircraft I’m going to fly :joy:


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