Flying In Oz?

Hi chaps,

I want to start a new Air Hauler company and I would like to do it somewhere I haven’t flown before, and where I have decent scenery coverage - Australia.

I think FTX Aus was the first FTX purchase for me, alongside the UK regions, yet I have only ever used one airport there - and I can’t even remember where that was! Somewhere with red sand or gravel, anyway.

I like bush flying - up to now my favourites have been from bases at AYMD Madang, Papua New Guinea, 5NN Nondalton and LHD Lake Hood in Alaska, and the Northern Scottish Isles. I’m currently flying from CZBB Boundary Bay on the Western USA/Canadian border, and CAF2 Bella Bella - this is the kind of flying I like. Moutains are good, but not essential. (See THIS as a recent example)
Amphibious ops are a bonus.

I’d be grateful for any tips about which airfield in Australia (or an area is good enough) would suit this kind of flying. The smaller and harder the strips are to find, the better!



Obviously note everone’s forte round here then!

Never mind - I found some excellent info on pprune on this subject in RL, and will be basing myself in Kimberley, Aus:

Looks very inviting!

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Looks spectacular!

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