Flying instrument procedures is fun

I know most of us are into dropping bombs and shooting stuff…but I still derive a lot of satisfaction from just shooting a nice approach in instrument conditions…this time the full ILS/DME ARC to runway 24 Bowerman Field…



I agree!
I have been instrument rated for 16 years, and I still think it’s a hoot to peek over the glareshield at minimums :wink:
I’m actually a little sad that NDB, VOR, LLZ procedures are being discarded in favour of LNAV/VNAV approaches.

Me too. I’m a “green needle” lover…and I always enjoy unique approaches like NDB/DME approaches…or arcs…or LDAs… Makes things fun…

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For me, the pleasure is still breaking out ontop of a cloud layer and knowing that I was the one that’s PIC.

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I would love to properly learn instrument procedures, and I know the basics of how to operate ILS, NDB and TACAN instruments, but I have no idea what all the letters in that picture mean.
Of course it doesn’t help that I only fly DCS World.
Do you have any recommendations where I could go to learn this stuff? Tutorials and/or documents?

Well, the “bible” for Instrument Flying is written by Rod Machado…who has a fantastic writing style and a great sense of humor. His most recent version of the book is 2009 - and the humor within makes a somewhat dry subject very entertaining…here is a sample of it:


I stopped reading at

There are a lot of things you really don’t need as a pilot. I hate to disappoint you, but a big watch is one of them. Sorry, but someone had to tell you this.

The guy is clearly a fraud…! :triumph:

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Nice read. I’ll read it all later tonight. I do like on instruments, even in DCS. But it’s a little easy in the F-15, just swap to ILS and cycle waypoints untill you’re on the correct one. I do like it in something like the A-10C as well but otherwise that plane is hardly useful in IFR conditions. I guess we need a real all-weather fighter :slight_smile:

It’s a survival tool. When you crash on a desert island - you can take the face off and start a fire.

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The PDF is only an excerpt of several chapters…so there is a lot more in the book itself…

Yes, I understand!

Here’s one my own ILS approaches I did some months back when I was still teaching that sort of stuff to @whareagle :slight_smile: a lot of fun indeed!

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I like the ILS in the BMS Falcon. Somehow feels more real to me than DCS. Beach, BTW, probably knows more about instrument flying than anyone on this forum given his job. Night, non-precision approaches are the bread and butter of air ambulance.


Hey @BeachAV8R, when are you going to hold a clinic on how to properly and safely land an aircraft on a dark and stormy night? :smiley:

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I’ll take the PAR full stop, thanks.



How did you get a video of literally every DCS Hornet mission I’m going to make?


Hey…all those Vietnam era guys are asking how easy that is to do with a HUD…! :laughing:

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Ooh, That’s a pretty DME approach! never quite got the hold of those.

In DCS, The Mirage makes it very very easy to approach in all weather conditions.

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Mirage gooooood.

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I jest, but I get what you’re saying. It’s a satisfying feeling to be in the goo until just above mins and break out to see the lights.

It’s about to get stupid easy with Magic Carpet, too.

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Yeah…sometimes slightly terrifying and fun…LOL…probably weighted more toward that end of the spectrum when you are hurtling through the murk at an aircraft carrier.