Flying... Sorta

Nice try! Reminds me of the jump the boys in Rodney, Ontario attempted …

This thread should be renamed, “Hold My Beer While I Send It”. :grin:

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Dude jumping the go kart is lucky that steering shaft didn’t just go right through his heart. That is the kind of odd and zany injury that keeps me in business.

In what parts of Canada are these gentlemen typically found? I think I’d fit in.

Pretty much ALL of rural Canada. :grin:

I think the steering column took off the guys goalie helmet Beach. :slight_smile:

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Apparently they’re operating out of Inwood Ontario now (I remember them from Rodney) … this poor mini bike chick got some GREAT air but unfortunately broke her pelvis in half! NASTY!


on a side note, in Canada, all of that medical treatment is free? Even if you break your hip in a trailer trash olympics accident?

How to rupture disks one level at a time.

the “pliance” jumper was in for a bad time if he made it or not, there wasn’t even a landing ramp to miss.