Flying the Coolsky DC9 (Navy C-9 variant)

Recently, I got back into a favorite add on of mine (Air Hauler 2) and took the C-9 up to reacquaint myself with it before purchasing it on AH2. It’s an aircraft that has aged well given how advanced sims have gotten since its release.


I have the Skysim DC-9 and still fly it when I have the time, in FSX usually with AH or AH2 (I still prefer the original for FSX) and it is fantastic in VR.

I did have the Coolsky one iirc, but it’s one of the ones I lost at some stage. Probably from a HDD meltdown - had a few of those when IDE were still around.

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If you can find the email of your order or whatever, you can probably get the download again. That’s what I did with a bunch of my purchases ever since my old computer got wiped clean. I’m still missing the F-14X though, and I can’t find it under any of my emails.

Thanks but this happened years ago and it’s very unlikely I still have the details. I think if I still had it I would have tried to get the installer again. I lost a lot of stuff - that was when the need for back-up drives was finally hammered through my thick skull!

I actually still have the defective hard drive, it had so much of my stuff on it I was loathe to throw it away, even though it is useless. I’ve found a company that sells replacement controller baords for hard drives and it has one for mine - but after years I’m wondering if it’s worth doing any more (and won’t definitely fix the drive, which makes a lot of clunking noises).

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