Flying The Rotate MD-80 In X-Plane 10-----AN AAR

The first payware MD-80 for X plane came from Rotate. A welcome addition to the payware library the MD-80 is a joy to fly. Well missing some feature, mainly in the FMC, it is still a lot of fun to fly. So come along for the ride.

So todays flight will be taking us from Atlanta(KATL) to Milwaukee(KMKE).

So lets get to the gate…

With ground power hooked up its time to bring the beast to life…

Once the power is on I get all the displays turned on.

Ground crew opens the cargo doors and we decided to board from the aft today.

Time to get to the FMC, First page to verify info

Reference airport set.

Time to align the IRS. For this plane Rotate did not program a wait time. Turn the knob to NAV and its good.

We set the IRS position and move on to the route.

We set the destination, KMKE in this case

Then we chose our departure route, We will be leaving off Runway 8R.

Then we program the remaining route. I did not show the arrival program because it was just runway 1l.

After the route is in its time to fill in the PREF stuff. the CI is 41 but Rotate made it so to get a proper CI you need to have 3 digits. So the community figured out to just add a 0 on the end and everything works.

We then check our gross weight for v speeds. You have to manually enter them. In this shot I forgot to switch from KG to LB.

Takeoff speeds entered and pre flight complete. V speeds can be entered manually or automaticly by pressing the OSB next to the speed. However its depended on flap position.

Next its time to set up the autopilot. In this pic I have the speed set to .77 but I also have it set to 250 knots. You can set Mach and IAS. For TO it doesnt matter since i’ll be in EPR TO

Time to set my long trim. Simply adjust the flaps selector knob to your take off flaps, in this case 15. The window above gives us a long trim of 10. So we simply adjust out long trim to 10.

Long trim set

Time to spin up the APU

APU available

GPU disconnected and doors closed ready to go

Fuel pumps on and we are ready for engine start.

Left engine first, Once the N2 is up to 22 give it some fuel and off she goes. Repeat for the right engine.

Time for taxi. In true MD 80 fashion we will be doing a power back from the gate.

Taxiing out to 8R

Lined up and spooling the engines up

Brief overhead check and all is good to go

And Rotate!

Climbing out

Passing 10000

Cruising at FL300

Coming up on time of decent

Starting decent

Getting the approach info for 1l

Passing through Chicago

About 25 miles out and lined up for final

I had to hand fly the landing, I missed the glideslope or went to my landing speed to soon. So no pics of the landing however it lands the same as any plane. Dial in the ILS Freq. and once stuff starts moving engage the approach mode.

And at the gate in Milwaukee

All in all a great plane. The plane ships with 4K textures. They put a big strain on my system. Rotate was kind enough to release a 2K texture pack for those of us that didn’t have newer systems. So all my pics are in 2K instead of 4K.


Great write up! Short but descriptive text and beautiful pics. Well done. Curious, why fly to Milwaukee? I’ve never seen anyone pick this city in a flight sim AAR etc. I’m interested because I live outside Milwaukee and you just flew over my house. :slight_smile:

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Well I from Wisconsin and my Mom lives in Milwaukee. And I just flew up there from Georgia the other day. So I figured why not.

Ah, was thinking that you might be from area. It is indeed a small world.

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Love it - thanks @weaponz248

I need to AAR my recent FF 757 flights. I’ve really being enjoying learning that recently as it’s a nice mix of steam and glass displays. Learning the FMS stuff has been great.

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