Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China Launch Teaser

So this game just came out of early access. It’s an arcade flight game which I’ve had some fun with. Doesn’t really scratch my Ace Combat itch. I’ve tried to like the controls, but it’s been hard to get used to. And flying the first training mission was a pain in the ass. And I failed and had to start over again and again.
Once passed that and you get the P-40, it got a lot better.
I’ve spent wholly 32 minutes on this game, with me planning on getting back into it. Hasn’t happened.
Game should be picked up at a discount… 50% at least


LAWL, get a refund…

Nah, brah! I intend to finish it… someday! Just not today!

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:slight_smile: I was only half serious…
I did try Ace Combad Assault Horizon and it was pretty crap as well.
At least this is cheaper…


Ace Combat Assault Horizon is a pock on a good series. It comes highly unrecommended! :smiley:
I hope the new Ace Combat 7 goes back to form. As good as the PS2 titles were.

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I must have played AC 4 a zillion times*…

*Terms and condition applies. Might not actually be representative or a realistic amount of time. Object may appear closer than they are.

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I still game the hell out of them. I want a HD remake of 4, 5 and zero! DO WANTS!:grin:

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