FlyInside Flight Sim


I think this got noted elsewhere, but now can’t find it, so I’ll risk posting it again. It’s not that often that a brand new flight sim gets announced. :slight_smile:

It looks like the guy that does the FSX / P3D / XP VR plug-in has decided to do his own ‘FSX Compatible’ flight sim of his own. The name for the product is still to be decided, but so far the site is:

It doesn’t seem to be lacking in ambition, and he obviously has amazing technical chops as shown with FlyInside VR.

Coming Holiday Season 2017

#Modern and scaleable

FlyInside’s flight simulator is the first flight simulator designed for today’s PCs. Take advantage of 4-8 cores, max out a 1080 Ti! Turn down settings to maintain smooth frame-rates even on older laptops.


High quality photoscenery, layered with buildings, trees, and world objects. An advanced atmosphere simulation. Huge draw distance. Your flight simulator never looked this good!


Load hundreds of existing aircraft from FSX.


No overbearing EULA. Add-on developers can create, sell, and give away third-party aircraft, scenery, and plugins. Unique in-game editor for flight dynamics, scenery, and materials - faster turn-around than ever before.

The compatibility with FSX is huge. I wonder how legally minefieldy that is? I believe Dovetails (with their new Flight Sim World product license) holds the original FSX IP for the consumer market.

Here’s some first screenshots from the flyinside forum on the new simulator (I guess demonstrating compatibility):

It’s getting to be quite the flowchart of which sim to invest in nowadays. I guess a new entrant where you can use your existing scenery/aircraft but it built on a clean slate could be a way into that decision process…

EDIT: Found the existing post - sorry @Brix - P3D Info thread


Not many flightsims out there that are designed from the ground up, with VR in mind.


The legal stuff will be fascinating. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is getting a “Take the FSX claim down from your website” letter as I write this.

His next problem will probably be that third party devs that have deals with the other big boys will post that if you install any version of their products in his sim it voids any support. That will scare away a good few customers.

Let the battle for the soul of all of the FSX users with thousands of dollars of payware begin!



I can’t say I blame him/them. After all, the flight sim market is massive with an avid user-base numbering in the hundreds–maybe thousands! All that untapped potential must be tough to resist.


Very interesting. I’m curious how this will play out.


Anyone who creates the perfect flightsim will win our hearts, and money… :wink:


Real question (not really) is: does it have a good A-6 Intruder and a live payload to drop?


Dunno…? But let’s create a rumor that it has! :a6:


sorry - wrong damn thread yet again!

I’m getting old… :confounded:


Some alpha footage of the new sim - looking quite nice already…