FlyInside Flight Simulator launches this week...

The guys behind FlyInside for FSX/P3D/X-Plane are launching their new sim platform this week apparently (Friday, October 12). Bringing a new product to the market is a tough hill to climb…but we’ll see. They are building it from the ground up for maximum VR compatibility apparently. My guess is that they had to go in this direction with P3D and X-Plane developing their own, very good native VR capabilities.

“It took longer than expected, but we’re launching FlyInside Flight Simulator this week! We’re launching initially as an Open Beta, and will be adding a steady stream of updates, improvements, and new features.”

Details here:


That looks okay, i hope they can develop it into a serious product that has its place.


It has an MD-500!
I’m buying!

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Yes. And cooperation with TFDi and Milviz seems like a good start. Hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.

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The simulator will also ship with an advanced helicopter flight model, refined based upon constant feedback from helicopter pilots.


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Its up! Free trial! and Buy online.

The plane set is quite impresive for that price, like it!

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Wringing it out right now. So far, I like what I see…it is a tough space to occupy though with X-Plane and P3D already so far along. I’ll write more later, but they have a lot here already.

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That second screen shot…so they got Blue Man Group to be the aircrew? :wink:

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