FlyInside FS - Now with completely worldwide scenery!

Now the FlyInside FS had a big update!!! Before it had only generated scenery of USA. Now it have full world wide using Bing Maps. It still in beta but looks amazing and unique for now.


Thanks for that @stavka - am updating to beta2 and will check it out.

Had a quick play. It certainly looks very different from what it looked like before. Here’s a short clip of approaching Boeing Field in Seattle.

It uses a streaming of Bing maps, so a sort of automatic ortho as you fly. It has autogen buildings, but lacks trees and custom buildings. Good to see it under active development still.

It seems like it’s FlyInside FS vs Aeroflight FS 2 for the ‘third tier’ flight sim mantle for a lot of players, with A FS/2 doing much better at growing an audience.

The main feature of Flyinside is the performance, a solid 90 fps (with it’s own reprojection I believe), although some of the Milviz cockpits aren’t exactly modern standards in terms of textures.


Just a quick flight from somewhere to test the new worldwide streaming scenery. It’s not really very good as yet, but hopefully these screenshots will give the basic idea. This is a flight from CYVR Vancouver, BC Canada.

Take off, with North Shore mountains on my right wing. Not terrible.

Some nasty tile water mismatches (that line the center is light blue and dark blue water meeting), as I suppose outside the US they must use whatever Bing has to stream?

Clouds are kind of odd, 3D but easy to see the joins.

The autogen has basic building types, as you can see downtown with some highrises.

Airports have no custom buildings or PAPI lights etc, so pretty raw and basic so far. This is on approach to 27R.

I suppose the impressive bit is that it does everywhere worldwide without a big download, but the world will need filling up with airports and some custom buildings soon. Also, some trees would be nice in Canada.

A couple more in somewhere that Bing likes, say JFK to LaGuardia New York.

Evening lighting is quite nice. Openstreetmap data for roads I think. An up high view of Manhattan.

The T-38 is nice for some sightseeing. A miracle on the Hudson I don’t crash into it.

Central Park on your right.

LaGuardia looking a bit empty.


Hmm, they really do have the entire world streamable. Pyramids a bit bendy though.


First time I used Google to check out the pyramids I was surprised how far civilization had encroached into their territory. From all the documentaries I had seen they seemed to be out in the middle of nowhere.


This streaming ortho thing might just be what i need to get into civvy flight-sims.