Flyout- game in development

Flyout is ot in development yet but it’s some sort of sandbox creation for aircraft with a serious dose of simming generously applied on top.

The interesting thing this youtuber does is asking GPT to define the characteristics of a stealth fighter and tried to see if that would work or not.

More info about the game are found here:

A more classic example of plane-building


That looks like a lot of fun!
Was it FS4 that had an airplane editor? A lot simpler than that, of course, but I spent many hours making my own planes. I also made a few fpr X-Plane 5 or was it 6?


Definitely is was a FS, I can’t recall which.
I think this game has potential- as in the developers are having a really clean direction.
Time will tell. :+1:

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I can see this being a lot of fun. Imagine some of the designs this forum could come up with :thinking:


Only viable design is the :a6:


I remember that too! Spent many hours (painfully) designing the most awesome supersonic fighter jets, only to be unable to get them to actually fly right. :rofl:


Looks very cool! A bit like ‘SimplePlanes’, but without the Simple part :wink:


Came across this sandbox flight sim… on steam

looks interesting…heres the blurb…


Flyout is an aircraft building game with an emphasis on design freedom and realistic physics, sound and effects. Use the in-game modeling tools to create an aircraft of any shape, add and configure engines for your needs, set up control surfaces and take your design on a test flight around an earth-sized procedurally generated planet.

Editor Tools

-freeform fuselage editor
-wing editor
-material and texture settings
-paint tools and import of custom decals
-configurable turbines, ramjets, piston engines and electric motors
-configurable propellers and rotors that can be connected to any engine(s) via gearbox
-configurable landing gear
-configurable control surface and joint inputs
-fly-by-wire settings
-basic cockpit interior parts
-import reference images to create replicas
-modding support that currently allows import of .obj models and textures


-wing shape, span and sweep have a large effect on flight behavior
-fuselage drag is calculated from shape
-engine simulation
-aircraft sounds change with design
-realistic atmosphere model
-wind, turbulence, vertical draft
-ground effect


This game is not easy. There are no in-game tutorials and tool tips are limited due to Early Access status.
Fuselage editing is similar to modeling in any 3D software, although much simplified.
There will be bugs due to the highly unrestricted editor and Early Access status of the game.
Basic understanding of aircraft physics and flight controls is required or at least recommended.


Yeah, I love the idea behind it.

Not to be nitpick but I had already created a

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noice! missed the orig thread. lets merge.

like the cockpit building part. I guess XPlane can learn here something what can be useful for their Plane Maker I would say. Their WED (World Editor) for scenery building is quite user friendly but I dont have the same impressions from their Plane Maker.

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