Fokker D.VII control stick

I’m not the only one that are obsessed with aircraft control sticks…

Remember my AXIAL D262 replica Propeller?

@AchimEngels, the gentleman who supplied the drawings for the propeller, is building a full scale Fokker D.VII replica. If you are on facebook, I can really recommend his group, Flugzeugbau Fokker, alà Engels, where you can follow the progress.

Achim made some extra control sticks for his aircraft. I was one of the lucky few to secure one, for my collection.
I received it today…

It is an amazing piece of craftmanship! Made just like the real thing.
The stick grip has a working throttle grip and triggers. Imagine that. 100 years ago, the germans pioneered HOTAS! :wink:
He throttle even has a boost restrictor detent, to inform the pilot that he is entering the high altitude range of the engine.

To me, the stick is a wonderful piece of art.
Holding it sends shivers down my spine…

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…


I know it scary to work on such a beautiful piece, but you know you are going to have to mod in switches and sensors so you can install it on your simpits joystick base, right? Its inevitable. Might as well get on with it :hammer_and_wrench:


Ha! Maybe if I build a replica of the replica… :wink:

That needs to be wired up :slight_smile:

EDIT: I never saw the prop thread! Nice job!

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Looks like the right side is static with two finger pull triggers. What does the left side do?

You have no idea how hard it was not to post the innuendo-ish pun that sentence stirred up in me.
Phew… I guess I’ll be banned another day.


The left side is the throttle.

Must rotate part way, then you switch to the second grip? Looks like a friction or locking mechanism? Very cool!

Now that I re-read it … yeah. Very tempting, no? :slight_smile:

Yes. You could use the first grip for a lower RPM range, and then shift to the second grip, for a higher RPM range. And them there’s a detent for high altitude throttle range.
Considering the design is over 100 years old, it’s quite advanced.

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That black thing at the bottom of the wood, curving forward, is a finger guard/protector? Looks like there is a bearing in there between the hub and the wooden handle that would be held in place by a spring and allow it to ride over the little barrier forward of it? That is pretty nice engineering.

The ball is the detent for high altitude throttle range.

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That is so cool. I don’t know what you do in real life @Troll but you should be an aircraft museum curator. :slight_smile:


You got me there!
That’s about the only job I’d leave my current job for… :wink:


Fantastic! I can’t wait to see you pouring all that goopy stuff all over to make a mold! :wink:


Copying art is illegal! :wink:

Dude have you flown the DVII in flying circus? you really have to hook that thing up to your joystick base now. It’d be a crime not to.

Oh yes!

Oh no! :wink: