So what is the best local MP football game for PC? By local MP I mean one copy of the game that my son and I can play together on my laptop. Steam would be ideal, but not totally required…

For the best football game, it’s usually an annual match of FIFA versus Pro Evolution Soccer.

  • You can get PES on Steam, FIFA is only on origin
  • FIFA has local MP for sure, not sure about PES.
  • You can hook up controllers to your laptop. X-box controllers are plug and play I believe, PS4 controllers require a bit of work (But I like them better)

You can try the PES demo (lite version) on steam here
You can grab the FIFA 18 demo here

FWIW, I went with FIFA this year :slight_smile: But I do play it on a console.

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Shoot…sorry, I should have clarified American football. :football:For soccer (or football :soccer:) we already have FIFA.

FIFA 18 will probably be the first game I buy for the boys if I end up going the Switch route. The reviews indicate it is inferior to the X-Box and PC versions…but it’ll be good enough.

Actually, I see I still have Axis Football 2016 on Steam - lemme give that a go…

Madden has local co-op, i believe.

but it’s not on PC :smiley: I believe Axis is the only option. Unless you like Mutants

With all due respect, axis football looks like trash… Might as well fire up the electric football board.

I think you might be looking for this…