For All The X Plane Pilots

So here is what those crazy guys at FlightFactor are working on

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@weaponz248 - Nice! I love it that X-Plane is getting a lot of love these days. The VMAX 757 is so much fun to fly. I know FSX still has the lions share of add-ons (with regards to almost everything - scenery, airplanes, utilities), but X-Plane is really finding a solid position now. That 767 should be fantastic…


@BeachAV8R I dont have the 757…yet however I have the A350 and the 777. Both from flightfactor and they are a blast to fly! Rumor has it that the A350 is getting the professional upgrade too!!! Awesome!!! If flightfactor did an A320 and/or a 737 I would probably never leave x plane lol!!

As for X plane getting more and more add-ons. That is awesome! I,in my humble opinion, think X-plane has the better position as far as add-ons. With FSX there are so many addons. I mean the 767 alone has what 3 or 4? It becomes kinda hard to decide which one is the one for you. That is a good and a bad thing. Flightfactor or Vmaxx or whatever their name is this week are really spoiling us X Plane pilots. I just hope they keep up the awesome work.

I am really looking forward to the 67 and whatever else they come up with!

@weaponz248 - Indeed… I currently don’t have an Airbus for X-Plane. I know there are a couple out there, but I haven’t done any research on them. I’d really like to have the “Baby Bus” (the A318)…it is such a cool little airplane. I also wish someone would do a payware quality A400M for X-Plane. I have one for FSX that is pretty good…but I’m just so in love with X-Plane flight dynamics…

You’d probably enjoy this short video too:


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@BeachAV8R That was awesome! Thanks for sharing. That really makes me hope flightFactor release a pro version of the A350.

Thanks for posting…excellent video. I have the JARDesign A330. IMHO its very well done.

@jcbak - I’m sooooo ready to buy an Airbus for X-Plane. I’ve looked at all the offerings (Peter’s, JAR, and QPAC) - and I think I’ve settled on buying the JAR A320NEO… I’ll probably wait to see if I can catch it on special/sale sometime. And I really (really!) wish that he would offer it as an A318…


Im in the same boat as you @BeachAV8R I want an A320 bad! I am seriously leaning towards the JAR A320NEO as well. I have read on the .org forums, i think, that JAR may update their 320 with the knowledge they learned from the 330 they built. The A350 that Flightfactor did I think is in collaboration with QPAC somewhat.