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Dunkirk Trailer #2

I’m currently enjoying Sand Castle on Netflix …

Don’t tell me how it ends!


Dunkirk looks great.

My Uncle George was at Dunkirk with the Royal Engineers. He never spoke about it and I think I was about 45 before I even knew he had been there. He passed last year and he was 92 years old.

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@Cib, do you know if he a soldier or one of the rescuers?

He was part of the British expeditionary force afaik serving with the royal engineers. I think they where to spike the guns that they where leaving and try to destroy any supplies. Bare in mind this conversation took place in a car going to a family wedding evening do. The same evening he told me he had diphtheria as a child and almost died. He was a remarkable bloke. Loved his bingo :smile:

Thank you @Cib. I have much regret not spending more time with my father discussing his Vietnam exploits, or my uncle who was a B-17G toggler in the 8th, participated in the Shuttle missions, shot down by an ME-262 while bombing a truck factory near Leipzig, crash landed in Poland, and made his way back to England. Both of these gentlemen were very happy to chat about these things. Then it seems like they are gone before you take notice of their accomplisments.

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I am still very much looking forward to this film though. It is a fantastic achievement, all those little boats going to save the guys stuck in France

Truly it does.
Above all it looks respectful.

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