Forestry Operation with the UH-1H

I know this is the Screens & AARs section and this hardly qualitfies as an AARs (maybe a very boring one)
I have roughly 46200 pics to share and I didn’t want to clutter the post with them so I made a slideshow :stuck_out_tongue:

Links for mission and mods in the video description.


Ah nice! Watching now!

EDIT: Very enjoyable, had to write some boring documentation and put it on on my second screen! All the while thinking, that this could be a great challenge/event type of thing for the 1st aircav, sort of a “find the easteregg” kind of thing!


I had a similar idea, with containers scattered around Vegas. A time bomb would be hidden inside one of them and the only way to defuse it would be to bring it back to a “checking” area.

I plan to incorporate all this into my GreenWar campaign, but I haven’t got much time to work on it right now. Probably for this summer.

This looks legitimately awesome. I’m going to have to practice in the Huey, now, since I’m pretty durn terrible with it. Your skins are great, too!


Also, without this sentence the body is invalid?

No kidding - this IS awesome. I love civil flying stuff - and do it as much as I can in Arma 3. Great to see some making inroads in DCS World. Heli-logging, rescue, VIP transport…I don’t care what it is…I love that type of flying. Can’t wait to give it a “whirl”…