Formation reference for the Arma enthusiast

or any squad based shooter. These are some of the stuff I wrote and made for friends back when I was a part of Reality Gaming clan back in 2012, and is unfinished. But here’s what I did do;

First is Fireteam formations

  1. Column Formation

You use the Column when terrain or visibility makes it difficult for the
team to spread out, such as when traveling through dense vegetation, during night movement, moving through heavy fog, or moving in an urban environment. The Column is easier to control than the Wedge formation because you are walking in a slightly dispersed line. It is less flexible, however, because it takes longer to deploy your fire teams from this formation.
The Column offers less security than the Wedge formation when you consider your
Soldiers’ dispersion. Soldiers in a column are more susceptible to grazing fire when compared with the dispersion that the wedge offers. The file also limits the team’s ability to return fire in all directions because the firepower in the Column formation is restricted to the flanks. The Column can provide more security in certain situations, however, such as when the goal is to infiltrate a narrow route or passage undetected, or when negotiating a minefield.

  1. Line formation

The Line formation should be used when you expect enemy contact to the front, or when
the the team needs to lay down a base of fire as part of a larger maneuver. The line formation is
harder to control than the Wedge formation, but can be control as long as the team helps the Fire Team Leader by making sure you stay in the formation at all times. The line provides excellent security to the front and rear, but poor security to the flanks because of the limited number of Soldiers who can see and place fire to the flanks.

  1. The Wedge Formation

The Wedge formation is the basic and most widely used fire team formation. Use the fire team wedge when terrain and visibility allow your team leaders and fire team members to see each other. The fire team wedge affords the best observation and fields of fire and, therefore, keeps the fire team more secure during movement.

Second is Squad formations


Nice work!