Forum Downtime - Oct 14th 2018 10 AM PST

As Mudspike continues to become more popular we need to upgrade some hardware on the forum servers, which will mean we’ll be down for a little bit.

I plan to do this October 14, 2018 5:00 PM and it should be done within the hour, although I’m also resizing some disk and that can take a while. Forum access will be down, but teamspeak and the main site will be uninterrupted.

Hopefully see you again soon! :wink:

11 AM PST - If you have a draft post please save it, forum going down in 2 minutes…

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I’ll take care of it…! Ah yes…much better…

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You should run the Geocities on the whole site for April fools…

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Ok, sorted out what I needed to do.

Forum down for a bit - see you soon!

Ok, all done. Apologies for having to do this during the day but hopefully will be a long while till we have to do this again. Cheers! :beer:


It works!
Thanks, @fearlessfrog!