Forum Time Zone Helper

TL:DR; A new toy to manage dates and time zones here on the forum. The times appear corrected for the viewer’s time zone, using mainly magic.

An example:

You want to create an event for people to attend, either in a forum post or a PM, but people curiously don’t live on the same longitude as you. The fools. Due to the train needing to leave Paddington, London and arrive in Temple Meads, Bristol at the ‘right time’ rather than when the clock tower chimed, the boffins came up with time zones. Computer programmers have been wincing in pain ever since.

To create a time that works for all in a post, use the following icon:


Here’s a time for me now:

May 27, 2018 2:41 AM

This should appear ‘right’ for you. You can also click on the globe to make it wrong (wrong being not where I am now).

If you aren’t signed in, or it’s in an email or something where the time can’t be worked out, then it will show a couple of typical time zones. Let me know if you feel aggrieved if yours isn’t considered typical enough and I’ll add it as a default as well.

Ideally, you can use the ‘Recurrence’ field for when you want (in a forum post or PM) to say ‘Let’s meet this week at Xpm’ and for it all to be correct each week.

Here’s the super advanced version, for non-Flaming Cliffs time zone players. As you can see, it has a professional level of complication and things to twiddle with. Full clickable fidelity.


Here’s what that looks like as an appointment to go fly each week:

May 27, 2018 2:44 AM



Thanks @fearlessfrog this is very cool!

It’s also great to see you round again :grinning:


I really don’t understand why this is needed AT ALL. The Earth is flat…so the sun shines the same on all the parts. This timezone thing is just part of the vast Round Earth conspiracy.


Heh, ain’t that the truth. :smile:

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May 27, 2018 12:57 PM

Very cool. Even with my iPhone integration issues (rare recently) this is by far the most powerful and useable forum system I have ever used.


It is pretty lean and efficient. Pages load quick, the search function works well, and things like dragging and dropping images and being able to return to a half finished post are features I really enjoy. It is also affordable software that @fearlessfrog has tuned exceptionally. And he’s added some really awesome features to boot. This forum software was his recommendation and it is really great stuff.

I do lie awake at night fearful that @discobot may someday turn on us all…but he hasn’t shown much psychological instability…right Disco?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


Now, he would say that, wouldn’t he…

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