Forum Upgrade

I thought April 1st would be a good day to upgrade the forum software, as if it didn’t work I could say it was a prank or something.

It looks like it worked, so if you notice any subtle changes or new bugs then it was this. Please let us know here if you see anything weird.

EDIT: Should have said. New things in ‘1.5’ are listed here:

We updated mainly because (a) our traffic has jumped up in the last couple of weeks, so wanted to install this as it performs more efficiently/faster on our tiny hardware and (b) the smiley face is now nicer :slight_smile:

Plus, @SiThSpAwN - new badges! :wink:


I like the big ol’ smile :slight_smile: :grinning:

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I was wondering why I suddenly got all this love after being inactive for a few days: “Thank you”, "Appreciated, “Promoter”

As an aside, the mobile forum was neater in the old version: I am now getting the blue ‘article site’ bar at the top of the screen, like on desktop, and things look more cluttered in general.

Perhaps there’s something you could enable to bring back the clean mobile look?

Maybe it is on Desktop view for you. Use the menu at the top right and then hit ‘Mobile View’ (it’s a link at the bottom of the pop over)

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