Found Bogushead's reddit Username! ;)

Full gallery here. Amazing stuff.


LOL! Wow, now that’s dedication.

so many different levels of how?!


And Yisss!

Any aircraft where if you try to eject then the cockpit comes with you is pretty cool.

Best guess, he’s going to spend the next 5 years buying dials and wiring and making a ‘wooosh’ noise with his mouth. After that maybe a projector showing FSX and losing custody of his kids. :slight_smile:

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I’m more concerned with matters of logistics: finding it, transporting it, storage. I’m assuming a talented EE could make work of the actual avionics, but that’s still a rather consuming task.

Unrelated note: anyone have a large truck and want to accompany me on a trip to Pensacola?


There is a whole lot right going on there…


That’s a weird and pretty unique throttle contraption, never noticed that before.

Soooooooooo where does one acquire one of those and how much ?

My real question is:
What proper game does simulate the F-111B?
Also how did the guy implement random pieces falling off the hull?

The first game to properly simulate the F111 will be pinnacle of evolution and therefore the only game to be made.

Its a false statement. Your A-6 is too slow to keep up to notice anyway :wink:

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Hehehe I don’t need to go fast, I will catch up eventually. No plane is fast with wings missing…

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When you can do mach 2, do you need wings?


Eh, I guess you’ll tell me, when eventually pulled out of the wreckage.

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Dude, you live in Texas- just ask your neighbors.

And if you’re looking for an engineer, challenge accepted.

Ah, but those are Texas Edition TM pickups, designed specifically to fill a hole in the heart of the white collar businessmen pertaining to a severe perceived anatomical failing, with secondary purposes of converting petrochemicals into noise, and sustaining the auto-insurance industry with innumerable collisions caused by middle aged men with no experience driving a large vehicles crashing into every and anything within reach.

I need something along the lines of a flat bed, able to haul about 20 feet of aircraft fuselage weighing, maybe 10,000lbs.



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Touché, you backwards seppo

Don’t the lobsterback limeys you surround yourself with use stones as a unit of weight and miles as a unit of distance?