Fox Two: The Story of the Aim-9 Sidewinder (2014)

Nice history of the AIM-9 hittile.



From the article -
Fox Two is the radio call when a heat-seeker is fired; Fox One is for a semi-active radar-guided missile, Fox Three for active radar-guided.

The missile knows where it is at all times. :sunglasses:

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So the whole DARPA AI dogfight thing was more accurate than we thought!

That was an excellent read, especially for the early developments and initial concepts that lead to the SW missile family.

I highly recommend

Read it back in college. Has plenty of tech stuff to geek out over, but if that’s not you thing it’s still very readable.

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That was indeed an excellent read. Among the many interesting points I never knew what AIM stood for. So simple. The writers site looks very good with the other articles as well.

Great read. :sunglasses:


JA 37 Viggen with Spamwinder loadout.


8 shots of Fox two, sweet.

Only six, but that should do it… :wink:

Somewhat related, but why can the DCS AJS-37 only carry two RB-74? We can put RB-24 on the outboard stations but only RB-74 on the fuselage. Oversight by Heatblur or real limitation?

Been a while since I last played with Sidewinders on the Viggen…
You’re supposed to be able to load 4 Rb74. The outer pylons can only carry the Rb24, but the inner wing and fuselage pylons can take the 74.

I usually end up grabbing the RB-24Js for the outboards just because it’s better than harsh language, but I just can’t seem to figure out why it’s only 24s without a 74 option.

The outer pylons can only carry the 24J.
But as I read the POH I got the impression that you can’t use the outer pylons with Rb24/74 loaded on the inner and fuselage pylons…? :thinking:

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I’m not sure how often it comes up and I’m no expert either. I figured there was some coolant limitation or some such for the outboard stations that kept the RB-74 from being viable.

Yes. The Rb74 is dependent on its own interface that contains nitrogen for cooling.
The outer pylons don’t have provisions for that.
But looking at the load-out picture, it seems like it isn’t possible to carry sidewinder missiles on the outer pylons if Sidwinders are carried on the inner and fuselage pylons, which would limit the number of AA missiles to four. I’m pretty sure I have carried six, in the DCS Viggen…?

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Maybe once or twice, I don’t tend to employ the Viggen that way so I don’t use them much. I did use the RB24s to blow up a tank once, though!

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