Frank Dainese's Mountain Parks for X-Plane

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Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini are artists. Their canvases are a growing portfolio of mountainous regions that have potential appeal to virtual pilots. They do their work meter by meter using the highest resolution elevation data that is available to them. They also avoid orthophotos preferring to place objects, trees and granite in by hand…


Excellent story @smokinhole! Thanks for sharing that! I have been looking forward to some helicopter time (maybe in the new year) and I will keep these scenery products and helicopters in mind!

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No problem. Thanks for hosting, really! You guys indulge your users and that is super nice of you. My name is “Eric”, not “Ian”. Although I like the name Ian better. Also, please delete the strikethrough part near the end. Thanks!


LOL…I knew it was Eric and somehow Ian came off my fingertips…!

Just read this - fantastic stuff @smokinhole!

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Thanks @fearlessfrog! Your frog looks great in a Santa hat, btw.

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